De la misère symbolique

“narcissisme primordial”

The foreword to “De la misère symbolique” 1 I’m going to call it “Symbolic Destitution” in English although the published English translation was called “Symbolic Misery” contains footnotes to Deleuze, but it begins by stating that it is a continuation of an analysis in « Aimer, s’aimer, nous aimer ».

I think this is enough to identify Stiegler’s starting point as located in the “Sovereign” part of the autonomy plane. This means that the writer has high positional autonomy: he’s talking about ideas which he has already built up into his own system of thought; and high relational autonomy – he refers to “narcissisme primordial” an idea with roots elsewhere, but we’re definitely meant to understand this as a concept that belongs to Steigler’s way of thinking rather than say, Greek myth, or psychoanalysis.