The Johnson government

Legitimating moral emotions

LCT 1 Legitimation Code Theory likes to plot knowledge practices in planes which allows them to track changes over time and make comparisons. I’m taking, as a first idea, that the 2019 Conservative manifesto represents an abandonment of Thatcherite rhetoric in favour of a more traditionally conservative appeal to the kind of moral emotions nicely described by Haidt in “The Righteous Mind“.

The 5 planes proposed by LCT are: Autonomy (how connected the practice is to other areas of knowledge) , Specialization (the characteristics of the knowledge involved and the person who knows it) Semantics (the complexity of things being discussed and how abstract they are) and Density and Temporality (which I’m less clear about so far). The next question is which plane would be the place to mark the change towards a sentiment like “this country has felt trapped, like a lion in a cage” ?