Moodle and MoodleNet

LCT Centre Occasional Paper 1

Saturday’s topic is my own knowledge practice in relation to #Moodle and Moodlenet: I often find myself making up analogies with face-to-face teaching to explain the procedures I want teachers to adopt. I elicit responses to hypothetical questions like these: “If you went to all your lessons in a carnival mask, what would happen?” “If you had an invisible assistant who wrote on the blackboard during your lessons, would you need to communicate with them?

In LCT 1 Legitimation Code Theory these moments, when I appeal to teachers to bring their common-sense feel for what a classroom is like into discussion of online pedagogy, would be called “introjected code”. This is one of the areas in the autonomy plane. It has high relational autonomy – because the aim is still ABOUT moodle, but low positional autonomy – because the discussion is bringing in knowledge from another sphere.

The paper by Maton and Howard is available here.