Chapter 2

Note Taking

This section is motivated by an idea of education as it might be in the future… where the main training people receive is in imagination and critical thinking.

How can teachers foster these qualities?

A new kind of writing activity will be part of it, which combines processes of research and thinking. This will be documented in notes which evolve, but allow the reader to trace all the steps of their evolution.

Subsections of Note Taking

themes for Hugo

I liked some of the Hugo themes first, like Juice Bar and Nightfall. But then I started to think that a learner probably should begin without a theme, just using the defaults from the Hugo framework. Today I’m following the instructions in this series of tutorials. Later I made a site with the nightfall theme, but by the end of September I will switch to “relearn”…

back home

I plan to blog more regularly now as a way of tying together all the bits of this project “feel do think”. I’m in the process of learning to use the Hugo framework as a way of turning notes into pages on a static site. Supposedly a big advantage for the “non-linear” nature of this site is the ability of this system to create custom taxonomies for showing the connections between posts.