Large scale historical trends

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I made this diagram as a student in the Open University. I think the ideas behind it probably come partly from the geographer David Harvey [1], although I can't remember exactly where. When one considers how the world is changing, it's helpful to look across these different sectors:

  1. nature
  2. technology
  3. social relations
  4. organisation of production
  5. mental conceptions of the self
  6. habits of everyday life
  7. administrative arrangements


I suppose a lot of people have some sense that we are living in a transitional period, which has the potential to end badly.

some positive ways to look at the situation

Most writers don't rate the likelihood of success very highly. But here are some examples of attempts to make routes towards a better future:

  • the [Team Human] project of Douglas Rushkoff
  • Franco Berardi [2] suggests poetry against the automation of language.