Old contents and early experiments

A summary of Research from the OU course "Practice-based research in educational technology"

Illustrating the "Hybrid Learning Model" in an ESP lesson. The model uses eight interactional concepts or learning events: receives, debates, experiments, creates, explores, practices, imitates, and meta-learns

a version of the material made for my old Legal English website "lawtalk" partly preserved as a tiddly wiki.

link to compendium timeline, probably only works properly in Internet Explorer, the pop-ups over the asterisks are the most exciting part!

another compendium mind map, documenting an investingation into accessibility for students in a Russian university

A presentation for the Swedish Moodle Moot in 2008, which I delivered virtually using Skype

the contents of a training course for teachers Multimedia Online ESPtaught in 2006 at SPBGU.

A mindmap of my Personal Learning Environment, made for course H800

an introductory presentation about corpus linguistics made to test Xerte

A table showing different ways that Cambridge English exams cater for candidates with special requirements

From the 2016 "More than ESP" conference at ITMO

presentation about work at ИМБиП on the lexical minimum, spaced repetition and moodle made using tiddlywiki. "English for the Customs Service and Logistics".

presentation ESP materials using "corpus linguistics" methods

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