the HLM grid

Activity/ Task Objective Learning event teacher's role learner's role resources tools other comments
1. generate interest in the topic self-reflectionmeta image ask questions about tax havens, the difference between avoidance and evasion think about their existing knowledge on the subject initial questions posted by teacher forum - either synchronous or asychronous the interaction is for the whole class to participate

2. pre-teach a tricky termreceptionreceive imageget students to write down the term "asset protection" and think about what it means. Describe the situation of a rich person who wants to have assets in Lichtensteininterpret the term and reactpresented on a separate web page to draw attention to it.html - students may want to copy it into notebooks or other mediathis is key to understanding the text
3. set a simple overall task.exploresexplores imagedeliver instructions quickly look at the text and decide who wrote it and whyread and interpret the texttext of a letter to print out on PDF printer - in students' homes or support centrestudents will post their answers in stage four
4 discuss taskdebatedebates imageobserve the forum discussion, correct any serious misunderstandingsexplain the reasons for their answersinitial question posted by teacherforum in "question and answer format"the forum only allows students to read after they have posted their initial response
5. closer study of the materialexploresexplores image deliver instructions to highlight discourse markers in the text such as "although", "despite this" and "furthermore"classify the markers according to their function in the textgroup making exercise made using Hot Potatoesbrowser to view the exercise which is a web page with javascriptFeedback is given automatically
6. writingcreationcreates imageObserve as ss write a letter comparing Lichtenstein and Panama as havens for asset protection. Get them to use mind-mapping software to plan it.plan and draft a letter to a clientuse the text as a model. information on Panamanian foundationsword processor, mind-mapping software students are especially encouraged to re-write their texts and think carefully about the structure of paragraphs
7. feedback and improvement(partly) imitationimitates imagesuggest some helpful phrases that would fit into the letters draftedadopt some of the teacher's ideas and write them into the letterteacher's feedback using MarkinThe feedback is an htm page sent individually to studentssummarise the useful phrases in step 8.
8. make a summary of new things from the lessonmeta-learningmeta imagecollect links to ss blog entrieswrite a blog entry on the experience of writing the letter and the new things you learned.teacher's blog...what I thought was interesting / importantblogs either as part of the VLE or a separate of the issues is whether to encourage commenting on blog posts.

With special thanks to the University of Ulster Institutional E-learning services. The images used here come from their illustrated flashcards and are licenced "Creative Commons".