Today I set up a new installation of the latest moodle (4.2.2) at . The site is going to be devoted to explaining and demonstrating my approach to using moodle itself for Russian-language users. For reference, I’m going to list the steps in setting up the site here:

  1. in the server add the extension “sodium” in php, this is something to do with passwords and security. Everything else I needed was included by my hosting service by default. The version of php is going to be 8.1 (after this, install the moodle software itself. Then the final step is to set up a cron job which runs cron.php once a minute.)
  2. install the language pack for Russian, I want that to be the default language of the site.
  3. in site administration > general > language settings I put the new language as default for the site.
  4. I’m starting with the default theme “boost”, but I always find it reassuring to put my little green spiral in place as a “favicon” that’s the little symbol that appears on a browser tab or the favourite links in your browser. Do this on the server by going to the theme folder for Boost and replacing the moodle M symbol. This is a very small graphics file in the special format .ico size 16 x 16 pixels.

There’s obviously still a long way to go with this project, but I’ll try to record each of the steps and number them as I go. This documentation continues in the next post about this new installation of moodle