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Recycling near the Essex coast

Visits to the recycling centre in Clacton are organised by appointments. Our local one is on Rush Green Road on the edge of town from the Jaywick side. But before going, it helps a lot to know how to prepare what you are going to dispose of. The typology for recycling is as follows:

1.  nothing
2. paint
3. used engine oil
4. textiles
5. paper
6. mixed glass bottles and jars
7. nothing
8. cardboard
9. wood and timber
10. household waste
11. soil
12. hardcore and tiles
13. garden waste
14. scrap metal
15. car batteries
16. tyres
17. tvs and monitors
18. small appliances
19. plasterboard
20.  nothing
21.  nothing
22. household batteries
23. books
24.  nothing
25. fridges and freezers
26. printer cartridges
27. fluorescent tubes
28. plastic bottles
29.  nothing
30.  nothing.
31. +
32. +
33. +

Note that each of the skips/containers takes only the thing mentioned. So, for example, if you have a small appliance for 18 (eg. toaster, kettle) don’t keep it in the cardboard box… that should go in container 8. I think the positions of the skips may change from time to time - you can check where they are on a board as you drive in positions numbered and shown on a board as you drive in explaining what should go where.

Users park in the middle, and carry all their stuff to either side. The diagram below shows the destinations that are most relevant to me…

Layout of Clacton recycling centre

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