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starting a blog with Hugo

The author starts work … this isn’t a picture of me, nor is it my work. It’s by Stable Diffusion AI with some tweaking. However, fwiw, I guarantee that all the words in this blog will be naturally written by myself, with only the aid of the human language communities to which I belong

Since I started this website in around 2007, I’ve constantly redesigned and re-written it. This time, I’m setting up the site using Hugo. It’s a framework for making websites that don’t use a database. More or less following the instructions on this page: https://gohugo.io/getting-started/quick-start/

The command to make this empty markdown document, the one I’m writing in now, with hugo looks like this:

 hugo new post\240427\240427.md

This youtube video was useful help with getting my chosen theme called (stack) to work as a module…


Jimmy Cai has provided a guide for users of the theme.

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